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Stavanger Helseforskning AS undertakes all research contracts on behalf of Stavanger Hospital Trust HF– Stavanger University Hospital. This implies contract analysis, negotiations and administration of running contracts. Furthermore, the company undertakes accounting, invoicing, payments and financial management on behalf of the research projects. The company is owned by NORCE Forskningsinvest AS, Stavanger Hospital Trust HF and University of Stavanger.


Office address: Jan Johnsensgate 5
(hospital site) in Stavanger.
Postal address: P.O.Box 8100, N-4068 Stavanger
Telephone: +47 99 77 36 01
Org nr: NO 986 364 080 MVA
Contracts: Kristin Jonsdottir, daglig leder
Cash flow: Solvor Chan, controller



Stavanger Helseforskning as Jan Johnsens gate 5, Pb 8100, NO-4068 Stavanger
Enhetsregisteret: NO 986 364 080 MVA